The Victorious Breath

La Respiración Victoriosa



Yoga en Español

It feels like this picture was taken years ago, when my practice took place in an empty office during my lunch break. It has been 8 months since I said good bye to my 9 to 5, 8 months filled with

unimaginable personal challenges and incredible surprises from life. I’ve found a refuge in my practice, a safe space for interior growth and invaluable lessons.

Yoga prepares you for battles, for those days when you need more strength and equanimity than ever. Today I’ve proved one more time the benefits of a daily practice, a hard day that reminded me that I have no control over countless things: a hospitalized and far dad, a sick son, an unstable work situation, a sore throat, a flat tire, a super incomplete to-do list, a messy living room, endless laundry. And yet I found peace when I worked on my breathing, the only thing I can control. Ujjayi breathing has saved me one more time from the aftermath of anxiety and stress. Ujjayi, the golden gem I found in yoga.
*Ujjayi is a breath technique, sometimes called the “ocean breath”. The “ocean sound” is created by moving the glottis as air passes in and out.

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