Papaya Maya

Delicious Papaya Smoothie

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There is no better medicine than the one provided by Mother Earth. Papaya Maya is full of health benefits. The sweetness of the papaya combined with the sour taste of the oranges creates an incredibly delicious tropical flavor. This juice is not only refreshing, but satisfying. It’s a great option for breakfast or snack. Give it a try! Your trips to the bathroom will be very rewarding, especially if you suffer from constipation. Also, if you’re not used to drink green juices, this is a great way to start because See Recipe Here

Anti-Bloat Juice



Feeling bloated after the long weekend? After eating leftover for three straight days? This juice might be just what your body is needing now.
I’m sure during Thanksgiving weekend we consumed lots of toxins, whether from drinks or food. Mix these four ingredients together, and you will be detoxifying your liver, which is responsible for clearing these toxins out of your body.

See recipe here